Ripped from the front page of the New York Tribune 

Friday, September 1, 1905.

 The article reads Quote  " Hit By Train-Escape Unhurt".  Farmer and wife Hurled many feet, Wagon Smashed to Pieces.  Millville New Jersey August 31.  Never touch me exclaimed Otto Glassnap, a stout German farmer, of Ormond, after the ocean city express had demolished his wagon and tossed the farmer and his wife into a field many yards away several persons hastend to the couple expecting to find them badly hurt if not dead both were on their feet before the spectators reached them.  Mr. Glassnap was slightly bruised but the woman was unhurt.

 The train was rushing toward Millville at a speed of almost a mile a minute when the team appeared on the track.  The engineer applied the emergency brakes, but was too late to avert the accident.

 This is the second time Mr. Glassnap has been tossed by a train at the crossing, and each time his wagon has been completely wrecked, In the former accident he sustained a broken leg".

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